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Booking and Press Information

  The Fourth Republic is a Denver-based band that frequently plays in the Denver/Boulder area.
  For information, press kits, and booking
email us at fourthrepublic@aol.com


"The Fourth Republic is a solid rock-and-roll band ... with rich,echo-laden vocals, ringing guitars, and a solid back-beat." -- Gill Asakawa for Westword

"Impressive! This band held their own playing with Big Head Todd at the '99 Festival." -- Russ Motley, member of the Red Lady River Festival Board of Directors

"They turned the place upside down ... on a Monday night!" -- Paul Soderman, host of the 13th Street Workshop at Tulagi's, Boulder.

"We had the Fourth Republic play one of our functions and the crowd loved them. Their sound is unique, they are fun on stage, and are great to work with. I'd recommend booking them." -- Tom Sullivan, Regional Food and Beverage Director, American Golf Corporation.